Recent Acheivements

Public Speaking Competition: Students participated in the elocution competition (extempore) in the CBSE Youth Festival and secured ‘A’ grade.

Dance Competition: Conducted in school and interschool dance competitions; state level dance competitions. Secured ‘A’ grade for group and single dance.

Painting Competition: Secured First Second and Third place in ‘Malarvadi’ painting competition. First prize in painting competition organized as part of Agri Horticulture Fest.

Youth Festival: 15 students participated in the Youth Festival during the year 2008-2009 and 19 students participated during the year 2010 -2011. Secured 84 points with A grade in 10 items, like dance, English Recitation, Hindi recitation, English and Malayalam Essay writing.

Also prizes in Music painting and story telling (English).

Young World painting Competition; PCM scholarship Exam; Mother India Talent search exam.

Organizing Parents’ Day; Grand Parents’ Day; Vegetable Day; Fruits day.

Conducting Free Medical Check-up.

Creative writings, News letter, Manuscripts.

Co-curricular activities: Dance, Music, Games, Instruments, Painting, Drawing, Yoga.

  • February 26, 2014
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